Shade rock garden flowers

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Shade rock garden flowers

Sunday, July 31, 2009

A few weeks ago we entered the land of greyish green trees and vegetation. An early spring frost was here in a way, the temperatures had been dropping for a couple of days, and we were all thinking, well it's fall, I'd better pull out my sweaters. We did the last minute weekend trip and bought some coleus to put out the front door, just in case, but when we pulled in there was still a sprinkling of white from the frost. Before we could settle back and relax, out from behind the bushes appeared a gray and yellow bird, probably a robin, it was hopping and hopping, and finally decided it was time to come into the garden to hunt for grubs and worms. We are sorry we were too sleepy to take a photo of the bird for posterity.

Yesterday we had the last day of the fall garden tour in the area of Plymouth County. The outing was a good one. After the tour, we stopped by the Plymouth County Fairgrounds to see the well-used and nicely situated 'Community Garden.'

"We got it done."

The second post in this two-part series for this blog is a guide to the 2009 Plymouth County Gifford School District garden tour. In this post we present four of the areas visited.

Lamson Avenue Gardens

Lamson Avenue was the first garden visited, located at the corner of Seaman and Howard Avenues.

It was late July, the first day of the Plymouth County Gifford School District autumn garden tour. We were presented with a very nice letter to introduce us to the school, stating the purpose of the garden tour, and offering us tours of the grounds. On the tour we met the gardener, Ms. Lisa Coughlin. Lisa was dressed in her white overalls, but otherwise in gardening clothes, which is good.

Ms. Coughlin explained that the first garden was created in 2007, so it has been in place for a while. She showed us a number of plants, including a particularly large Gaura lyonii 'Grandiflora' and a yucca. Also a photo was taken of the entrance to the small wild garden area behind the front lawn.

"It's so nice to get out into the grounds."

The letter stated that the second garden on the tour was the Edna Norton Memorial Garden. Ms. Coughlin said it was nice to have a large garden. We were led to the rear of the garden, a rather large area devoted to a rose garden. According to Ms. Coughlin it is actually more of a rock garden, with the majority of the plants made of rock and gravel.

"It looks so great."

The letter also stated that the third garden on the tour was the Ayala Garden. This large garden is located on the grounds of Plymouth State University. The Ayala Garden was designed by students in an introduction to architecture course. "These are pretty substantial, and it's a lot of work," Ms. Coughlin said.

"I'm sure it must be a lot of work."

The letter further stated that the fourth and final garden was at the Church of St. Elizabeth and that the purpose of the tour was to introduce the community to the important role of gardens in the lives of the students of the Plymouth County School District.

Lenten Rose and Turtle

Lenten Roses

Our final and penultimate stop for this blog is the Lenten Rose Garden. Lenten Roses are planted in the garden for the holiday season. The garden was first planted in 1996. The area where the rose is planted is on the playground of the adjoining St. Elizabeth Church.

"The kids must really like it."

The design of the garden has been improved, and there is a new brick retaining wall at the back, but the actual plants are as they were some years ago.

"They've been real climbers for years."

"Yeah, there are a few on the wall too."

There is a turtle pond, but it does not contain a turtle, however the beautiful plants near the pond did.

"It looks like they're doing well."

We had a good look at the setting, which is very pleasant, and that reminded me that this was a garden that needed some attention.

"I know we're going to have to do some work. It's too big, and it looks like it's too late."

Frost has hurt the plants, and the grasses have died, but that's part of the seasons. With the upcoming construction of a new school building for Plymouth Middle School, we are sure the garden will be taken care of. In the meantime, it is wonderful to see how well the roses are doing.

Later in the day, we went by and took a look at the Community Garden, located at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds. According to a flyer we were given, the garden was created as a way for the residents of the Plymouth County community to have an opportunity to share the use of the green space.

Wednesday, July 13, 2009

We had just returned from the Plymouth County Community Garden. After our outing we took a look at the community garden, with its plots assigned to specific residents. We also wanted to see the well-used and nicely situated 'Community Garden,' which is where we are today.

"That was quite a site, it was so beautiful

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